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Serbian Nails

Dimitar Anakiev

The first Serbian democratically elected president, Dr Zoran Đinđić, is assassinated . Serbian government declared a state of emergency in the country. The police launched a general action against organised crime called ‘The Sabre’. The present story begins on the eve of the ‘Sabre’ operation and later coincides with it. Milivoje Savić, holder of a degree in chemistry and his family are ‘collateral damage’ of the ‘Sabre’.

Dimitar Anakiev

Dimitar Anakiev, born in Belgrade, 1960, graduated from High Medical School in Nis (Serbia). He began his artistic career as a painter and graphic artist. He then continued as a free lance writer and poet, releasing 11 collections of poetry and as an editor of numerous literary magazines and anthologies. His first documentary film ‘Amigo’ won a Slovenian national award in 2003 and and award for ‘High Artistic Achievement’ prize in Kaljuga competition, Moscow. He currently devotes himself to his filmmaking career, with a particular interest in socially engaged films and screenplays. He is a member of DSFU - the Society of Slovenian Filmmakers, and founding member of DSR – The Association of Slovenian Directors. He owns a production house Dimitar Anakiev Films s.p.

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Srpski ekseri

Serbia, Slovenia
2007, 48', color, video

Directed by:
Dimitar Anakiev

Screenplay by:
Dimitar Anakiev

Jovica Krstić

Edited by:
Dimitar Anakiev, Uroš Knez

Johann Strauss

Dimitar Anakiev

Produced by:
Dimitar Anakiev Films s.p.