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Namik Kabil

How much do we remember from the war? Is it hard to talk about it? Do we suddenly start remembering when we talk? This film razes through the trauma without having human pain as an objective. It rather tries to open up the abysses of denials of the war, which are becoming blatantly dominant, yet unspoken dimensions of everyday life in post-war Bosnia.


Namik Kabil

Namik Kabil, a Bosnian writer/director, has for the last seven years been working as a documentary program commissioning editor at Federal Television in Sarajevo. He lived in the US where he studied film production. He wrote and directed feature films, directed several award-winning documentaries and wrote two novels.

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Informativni razgovori

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Directed by:
Namik Kabil

Screenplay by:
Namik Kabil

Almir Đikoli, Boris Jugo

Edited by:
Timur Makarević

Dino Šaran

Amra Bakšić Čamo

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Sarajevo film festival - Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Documentary Film