International Competition

The Nature of Rebirth

Johanna Lampi

If you are quiet in nature, the nature starts to reveal itself. We all die, but what is dying? Puszcza Bialowieska is an ancient primeval forest straddling the border between Belarus and Poland. Over 500 year old trees are treasures rarely seen anywhere in the world. In addition to over 12 000 species living in Bialowieza, almost extinct European bison still wanders free in the forests. In the documentary one can follow themes as the cycle of living and dying and the relationship between human and nature through four people living in the forest. Zbigniew takes care of the bisons in the breeding centre, Jerzy is a passionate insect collector, Joanna has found an asylum in the forest away from the hectic city-life, and Janusz walks in the forest while pondering about the mystery of living and dying and the effect human has on nature. ‘The Nature Of Rebirth’ is all about life and all about death at the same time. Death is needed for life and human is part of the cycle.

Johanna Lampi

Johanna Lampi began studying environmental protection at the University of Helsinki in 1997. and audiovisual studies in Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia. She is working as a sound recordist in environmental film productions and making films. Filmography: ‘The Nature of Rebirth’ 2007, ‘Arkkitehti opettaa minulle biologiaa’ 2005, ‘Eräs päivä’ 2005.

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Oddech wielkiego lasu

2007, 15', color, video

Directed by:
Johanna Lampi

Screenplay by:
Anna Kulicka-Soisalon-Soininen

Markku Pelkonen

Edited by:
Henriikka Hemmi


Johanna Lampi

Produced by:
Helsingin ammattikorkeakoulu Stadia