International Competition

The First Day

Marcin Sauter

It’s a story about one of the most important moments in everybody’s life, the first day in school; the first border young people have to cross to become adults. In this case, it’s an intern school where children from the tundra, used to living in tents, and in close contact with a wild nature, move to a urban environment where they discover that they too are part of a huge multinational country, Russia, with a national anthem they learn to sing by heart, and which is led by a great president named Putin.

Marcin Sauter

Marcin Sauter, born 1971, works as a press photographer for the biggest daily newspaper in Poland. Author of photographic set design projects for the theatre and co-director of the feature film ‘I co wy na to, Galuszko?’ (2000). Graduated from the Documentary Course at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. He debuted with ‘Behind the Fence’ (2005).

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Pierwszy dzien

2007, 20', color, video

Directed by:
Marcin Sauter

Screenplay by:
Marcin Sauter

Marcin Sauter

Edited by:
Tymek Wiskierski

Tomasz Gwinciński

Krzysztof Kopczynski

Produced by:
Krzysztof Kopczynski