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The Day Theo van Gogh was Murdered

Esther Schapira, Kamil Taylan

After his film ‘Submission’ about the oppression of women in Islam was broadcast, Theo van Gogh received numerous death threats. On November 2, 2004, he was brutally stabbed to death in the middle of the street. The documentary uncovers the background to the crime and investigates the murderer’s trail.

Esther Schapira

Esther Schapira, born 23rd January 1961 in Frankfurt/ Main (Germany). In 1987 got University degree in German literature and English. She is working as a freelance filmmaker and editor in charge for ARD (First German TV) in Frankfurt (HR) and Cologne (WDR). Since 1995 regular member of staff as filmmaker and editor in charge for historical documentations and do! cumentaries, political editor (commentaries) and presenter.

Kamil Taylan

Kamil Taylan, born in 1950 in Istanbul/Turkey. From 1976 till 1979 was voluntary and german correpondent at the turkish daily ‘Demokrat’, till 1084 freelncer at radio HR3 and since 1980 film author.

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Der Tag als Theo van Gogh ermordet wurde

2007, 57', color, video

Directed by:
Esther Schapira, Kamil Taylan

Screenplay by:
Esther Schapira, Kamil Taylan

Detlef Dinges, Günter Milius

Edited by:
Joachim Woelcken

Gerhard Hehrlein

Produced by:
Hessicher Rundfunk

Festivals & Awards:

Prix Europa 2007