International Competition

End of the Rainbow

Robert Nugent

A large multinational and industrial gold mining company has arrived in a remote area of Guinea, West Africa. This desperately poor region has a long history of economic reliance on gold. This film is a melancholic portrait of the changes brought by the mine, and of the universal human desire for a better life. How do local people respond to the opportunities and economic divisions the mine creates? How do the local jobseekers and expatriate staff, attracted by gold and the possibilities it offers, understand one another? In case of difficulties, the mine calls in the military. Conflict over the mine’s presence is escalating. The gold will be dug from the ground, but at what cost? Throughout the film, traditional West African music is used as both non-diagetic soundtrack as well as diagetic music played by elders at the bonfire.

Robert Nugent

Robert Nugent is a director whose roots are in Australia. He graduated from Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). ‘Na kraju duge’ is his first long documentary.

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End of the Rainbow

France, Australia
2007, 83', color, video

Directed by:
Robert Nugent

Screenplay by:
Robert Nugent, Rachel Sanderson

Edited by:
Andrea Lang

Jean-Pierre Gibrat, Mitzi Goldman

Produced by:
Trans Europe Film, Looking Glass Pictures PTY Ltd.

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA - First Appearance Award