International Competition

Audience of One

Michael Jacobs

Ten years ago, Richard Gazowsky, pastor of the Voice of Pentecost Church in San Francisco, received a ‘prophetic whisper’ from God to make movies. Now, in Michael Jacobs riveting documentary, Pastor Gazowsky and his congregation are gearing up to make Gravity: The Shadow of Joseph, a $50 million dollar Biblical scifi epic. ‘Audience of One’ is fascinating study of magical thinking, an example of the ‘faith-based reality’ sometimes alluded to in discussions of contemporary politics. And in the end, how different is Pastor Gazowsky from the thousands of others who sacrifice everything to be in the movies?

Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs worked for the action sports production company Warren Miller Films before producing and directing two award-winning short documentaries, ‘Safar’ (2002) and ‘Colfax Avenue’ (2004). He is a frequent contributing producer for San Francisco based Current TV. ‘Audience of One’ is his feature directorial debut.

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Audience of One

2006, 88', color, video

Directed by:
Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs, Dan Krauss

Edited by:
Kyle Henry

Jeff Forrest

Matt Woods, Zack Sanders

Produced by:
Revolve Productions

Festivals & Awards:

SXSW - Special Jury Award; AFI - Silverdocs - Beyond Belief Award; SFDocFest - Audience Award; Bend Film Festival - Special Jury Award