Dead Harbor

Nenad Puhovski

‘Dead Harbor’ deals with the people who were living in worst asylums at that time – institutions in which the society was throwing a way all those who they wanted to get rid off and marginalize: psychiatric patients, alcoholics, old people who no one wanted, ex prostitutes and the other social cases. Work was filmed in Asylum for adults in Bidružica. Without any real care or therapy, under hard sedatives and drugs, inhabitants of Asylum wasted their days without any meaningful activities – walking in circles in the yard, sitting on the benches or in the best case drinking in local pubs.


Nenad Puhovski

Nenad Puhovski was born in Zagreb, where he obtained a degree in Sociology, Philosophy and Film Directing. He made his first film when he was 15. As a professional director, he has worked on over 250 theatre, film and TV productions. His documentaries focus on social problems and fine arts. In 1997 he founded Factum, which soon became the largest and most influential independent documentary production company in Croatia. He has produced over 60 documentary films that have been screened and awarded at international festivals worldwide. He has also won four Best Production Awards at the Croatian Film Days. In 2004, he founded ZagrebDox – the largest documentary film festival in the region – where he continues to serve as director. In addition to teaching in Zagreb, where he launched a new MA documentary program, he taught documentary film in many schools in Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa. In 2009 he won the EDN Award for ‘outstanding contribution to the development of European documentary culture’. 

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Mrtva luka

1976, 55', bw, 16 mm

Directed by:
Nenad Puhovski

Screenplay by:
Nenad Puhovski; po ideji / based on the idea of Zvonimir Milčec

Ranko Karabelj

Edited by:
Inge Füllep

Petar Pavlica

Produced by:
TV Zagreb