Covered Tracks

Borislav Benažić

This is a film about a man who doesn’t appear in this film. It’s a story about a painter, restaurateur, art dealer, famous collector and donor and his first donation to The Strossmayer Galery of Old Masters in Zagreb, donation that traveled to Zagreb and Belgrade and almost disappeared. It’s a film about self-taught boy who started in the poorest part of Dalmatinska Zagora and lived later on in a 12th century castle Schloss Neuhaus near Salzburg.

In the midst of Croatian Spring film ‘Covered Tracks’ was screened for three days at Zagreb Salon. On the fourth day screening was prohibited. Film shows the first Mimara’s donation to Croatian people. The donation wasn’t publicly shown and some of the works disappeared, so Mimara protested and gave up on the donations. After the censorship film was shown at private projections for the functionaries, which helped to return most of the works. After that Mimara had three more donations and founded Mimara Museum. It’s interesting that film wasn’t screened on the opening of the Museum in 1987. It was shown again with three more bunkered films at first Days of Croatian Film, but until today Ivan Hetrih’s show which featured authors of those films wasn’t shown, and the films couldn’t been seen on Croatian National TV. Borislav Benažić

Borislav Benažić

Borislav Benažić was born in 1933 in in Slavonski Brod. He was a critic and journalist working for many papers in Zagreb as a student of art history and later under the pseudonym Borislav Istranin. As an art critic during the 60s he made shows for Radio Zagreb and TV Zagreb. He directed several documentaries: ‘Nepoznati Motika’ (1969/70), ‘Stakla Antuna Motike’ (1971), ‘Zameteni trag’ (1972, only film which was officially prohibited by the film censorship), ‘Otkriće zime Ivana Generalića’ (1975), ‘Zastupnik Škrinjar’ (1983), ‘Promet na Univerzijadi Zagreb’ (1987), ‘Antun Motika’ (1992). Italian jury selected his works for Yugoslavian Short Film Retrospective at the Venice Film Festival, and Danish jury selected his works for a Week of Yugoslavian Film in Copenhagen.

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Zameteni trag

1972, 12', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Borislav Benažić

Screenplay by:
Borislav Benažić

Antun Markić, Hinko Šarinić

Edited by:
Blaženka Jenčik

Anđelko Klobučar

Branka Šoten

Produced by:
Zagreb film