Controversial Dox

The Red Card

Mahnaz Afzali

In 2002, an Iranian woman named Shahla Jahed was accused of murdering the wife of her famous lover, the soccer player Nasser Mohammed Khani. The story of this adulterous affair and the news about the murder and subsequent trial made for an enormous media event in Iran. The newspapers couldn’t get enough of it, and TV talk shows were devoted to the ‘syndrome’ of this woman, who had fallen in love with a celebrity. In the film, we see flashes from the numerous articles and TV shows, as well as home movies in which Nasser’s mistress films him. There’s also a segment in which Nasser visits the house where his wife was murdered. But the most important element in the film is the trial - as a woman, Shahla officially has very little say in the Iranian legal system, but the way in which she handles her own defence would make you presume otherwise. She categorically denies any involvement in the murder, maintaining that she was forced into a confession. She contradicts the judge, and while constantly rearranging her chador, she even seems to be flirting with him.

Mahnaz Afzali

Born in 1964 in Tehran, Mahnaz Afzali is a well-known cinema and TV actress who played in ten feature films and three TV series. She directed her first movie, ‘No Witness’, a documentary film, in 2000.

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Carte ghermez

2006, 74', color, video

Directed by:
Mahnaz Afzali

Screenplay by:
Mahnaz Afzali

Mahnaz Afzali, Keyvan Jahanshahi, Khadijeh Jahed

Edited by:
Bahman Kiarostami

Force Theory, Michael Furjanic, Neill Sanford Livingston

Hassan Pour-Shirazi

Produced by:
Sheherazad Media International