Controversial Dox


Filip Švarm

By the end of 2003 not so many people knew the purpose of Serbian Government’s Special Operation Squad: media buttered them up, politicians honored them, military and police bowed, and all Serbia was in fear. They were also called Red Berets or - bloody simple – The Squad. After the murder of Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić on the 12th of March 2003 they were quietly dismissed. But how did it happen that Milorad Ulemek Legija - first and only true leader of the Squad and the man whom Đinđić described as one of The Fifth October’s heroes - was accused to be the organizer of his murder? How can the assistant of the Squad’s leader lieutenant colonel Zvezdan Jovanović be accused of pulling the trigger of the sniper riffle? How can it be that the worst political crimes – murders, assassinations, kidnappings - were done by the members of The Squad? Answers can be found in the three episodes of the series screening in Controversial Documentary Program.

Filip Švarm

Filip Švarm is a journalist and responsible editor of Serbian political weekly Vreme. He is the author of documentary films and series such as Jedinica (2006) and Pad Krajine (2006). He was a part of the team that worked on the documentary film Vukovar – posljednji rez of Janko Baljak and Drago Hedl.

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2006, 3', color, video

Directed by:
Filip Švarm

Screenplay by:
Filip Švarm, Radoslav Ćebić

Zoran Stojičić, Predrag Đurđić

Edited by:
Radoslav Ćebić

Zoran Uzelac

Filip Švarm, Veran Matić

Produced by:
B92, Vreme