Conspiracy Dox

Diana: The Night She Died

David Cohen

On August 31, 1997, the world was stunned to hear that Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul had been killed in a car crash in a Paris road tunnel. ‘Diana: The Night She Died’ explores the background of this tragic incident and the failings of the early investigation. It questions the validity of the claims of the French Report that Henri Paul was drunk and on medication at the time of the crash. Claiming that the report is fundamentally flawed, the film argues that much of the evidence needed to establish the truth has been covered up. After the death of Diana, conspiracy theories filled the headlines. One book even suggested that Diana was murdered because the Spencer family had managed to lay their hands on the Holy Grail - and that it was stolen from the car after the crash while no one was looking. As so many of the conspiracy theories are absurd, many simple questions about the fatal night of August 31st have never been asked - this documentary asks them all.

David Cohen

David Cohen is psychologist and documentary filmmaker, he made Channel 5’s ‘Diana: the Night She Died’, the film, and the book considering the same subject – ‘Diana: Death of a Goddess’.

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Diana: The Night She Died

Great Britain
2003, 54', color, video

Directed by:
David Cohen

Heavy Pencil, Francis Gillery, Paul Bulley

Edited by:
Merlin Hogarth, Bob Gow

Martin Meissonnie

David Carr Brown

Produced by:
Channel Five