Good Morning

Ante Babaja

Ante Babaja’s last film is a personal documentary story about – him. He got as a gift a small amateur Sony camera and started to film things that happen in his old people retirement home every day, where he lives after two strokes and two cardiac arrests. While filming he decided to add to his reality some inserts from his favorite and most popular films: ‘Breza’, ‘Izgubljeni zavičaj’… It’s a very honest and hard story about being old, about passing of time and one’s faith.


Ante Babaja

Ante Babaja (born 1927, Imotski, died 2010, Zagreb) made a number of exraordinary feature films, as well as shorts and documentaries, many of them being a classics of Croatian cinema. Selected filmography: ‘‘A Day in Rijeka’ (1955), ‘Lakat’ (1959), ‘ Jury’ (1962), ‘Pravda’ (1962), ‘Ljubav’ (1963), ‘Body’ (1965), ‘Do you Hear Me?’ (1965), ‘Kabina’ (1966), ‘Starice’ (1976). Features: ‘The King’s New Clothes’ (1961), ‘The Birch Tree’ (1967), ‘Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh’ (1971), ‘Izgubljeni zavičaj’ (1980), ‘Kamenita vrata’ (1992), ‘Dobro jutro’ (2006).

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Dobro jutro

2006, 85', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Ante Babaja

Screenplay by:
Ante Babaja

Ante Babaja, Goran Trbuljak, Tomislav Jagec

Edited by:
Martin Tomić

Tomislav Jagec

Produced by:
Sava – udruga građana, HRT