Regional Competition

The Grandmothers of the Revolution

Petra Seliškar

A story about extreme lifestyle according to the ideology of the filmmaker’s grand parents. A story of divided families between Europe and Latin America and political systems. A story of destroying the values of grandparents by generation of filmmaker’s parents. Film full of emotional and comical elements introducing love the values and believes in three different ideologies via politics. A constant battle for survival that unites in the genes of a new generation - the generation made by filmmakers and their children. Once we will be grandparents too. ‘The Grandmothers of Revolution’ is dedicated to the ones that believe in good old values.


Petra Seliškar

Petra Seliškar, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1978, moved to the Netherlands to study film directing and producing at the National Film Academy in Amsterdam and moved to UK to finish her MA studies in Screen Arts at Sheffield Hallam University – Northern Media School. She continued to work in Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia as a film director and film producer. She founded Petra Pan Film Production in 2003. Her documentary The Grandmothers of Revolution (2006) has been screened at a variety of film festivals including IDFA, Trieste Film Festival, ZagrebDox and Sarajevo Film Festival.

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Babice revolucije

Slovenia, Cuba, Macedonia, Netherlands

Directed by:
Petra Seliškar

Screenplay by:
Brand Ferro, Petra Seliškar

Brand Ferro

Edited by:
Filip Grcevski

Petra Seliškar, Brand Ferro

Produced by:
Petra Pan Film Production