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National Park

Dragan Nikolić

In the scenic national park of Đerdap located along the Serbian side of the great Danube river gorge lies a small village of Petrovo selo. Once a birthplace to the director’s mother, now an almost abandoned village, it has become a testament of Serbian war crimes. Near the village lies a mass grave full of Albanians, 300 km away from Kosovo. In this film the national park becomes the symbol of the society that hides the dark side of its past. The director and his mother go back uncovering both to the beautiful landscapes of childhood memories and the dark catacombs of the recent wars. This film is the author’s own attempt to face all the horrific events that took place since the brake up of Yugoslavia.


Dragan Nikolić

Dragan Nikolić is director, scriptwriter and cinematographer. He achieved great success with previous films The Caviar Connection, National Park and Hot Line. Many of them have been screened and awarded at the renowned film festivals (IDFA, Berlinale, ZagrebDox). He was a cinematographer on Bar De Zi, the best Romanian documentary in 2007; a co-scriptwriter on Made in Serbia (2005); a co-scriptwriter and director assistant of a short fiction film Run Rabbit Run, which received the first award at Cannes Film Festival in Cinéfondation.

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Nacionalni park

2006, 25', color, video

Directed by:
Dragan Nikolić

Screenplay by:
Dragan Nikolić

Dragan Nikolić

Edited by:
Jovana Krstanović

Dragan Nikolić

Produced by:
Prababa Production