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Intra muros – An Ordinary Story

Ljiljana Prvulović

Milan is 28. That is all he has. By now there were few important things in his life. He married, got a son, divorced. He lives with his parents, like most of the people his age. He never owned a passport or traveled abroad, if you count out one summer with his parents in Dalmatia long time ago, in ex Yugoslavia. He represents a generation that grew up between walls by which Slobodan Milošević’s government separated Serbia from the common sense and rest of the world. ‘Recent research showed that 80% of Serbians between 15 and 30 years old – generation which is expected to support democratic values and take Serbia to European Union – never traveled outside of their country.’

Ljiljana Prvulović

Ljiljana Prvulović graduated at faculty of Law in Belgrade and got a M.S. in Cultural Sociology. She worked as a journalist and producer at TV Serbia, and is an author of many radio and TV documentaries. Filmography: ‘Intra muros’ (2006), ‘Deca iz limenog sela’ (2005), ‘Serbian Village’ (2003).

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Intra muros – jedna obična priča

2006, 15', color, video

Directed by:
Ljiljana Prvulović

Branko Suljić

Edited by:
Andreja Maričić

Beogradski sindikat

Miroslav Bata Petrović

Produced by:
Fiks Fokus