Regional Competition

Drowned Dreams

Gledis Bica

Economic difficulties forced 36 persons from Shkodra to set out illegally on 9 January 2004. On the boat to Italy they were probably dreaming of a better life. They didn’t get it.

Gledis Bica

Gledis Bica was born 1988 in Tirana, Albania. This is his second documentary. His passion for the cinema has given him the inspiration to create despite the school he attends. He started directing films at the age of 17. His debut documentary is ‘Saint Anthony’ from 2005.

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Endrra te mbyutra

2006, 10', color, video

Directed by:
Gledis Bica

Screenplay by:
Evelina Cako

Edited by:
Fatjon Gonxhi

Marcin Czartynski

Gledis Bica

Produced by:
Gledis Bica