International Competition

The Cemetery Club

Tali Shemesh

Seated between the graves of the nation’s dignitaries, a group of elderly debates the history of modern philosophy, read poetry, eat lunch and determine the fate of the Jewish nation. Director Tali Shemesh has been following the ‘Academy’ for the last 5 years, focusing on Minia, the director’s grandmother, and Lena, her great aunt. As death decimates the group that has given meaning to their lives, the film explores the conflicts between Lena and Minia, and the family secrets that haunt them. The result is a poignant, intimate, sometimes witty portrait of the Holocaust generation like you’ve never seen before.

Tali Shemesh

Tali Shemesh was born in Jerusalem in 1969. She has finished her education at The Sam Spiegel Jerusalem Film and Television School in 1990-1994. She made several documentary films, which have all participated in a number of festivals. Filmography: ‘The Cemetery Club’ (2006), ‘White Gold Black Labor’ (2004), ‘TV Dreams’ (2001), ‘Miss Fat & Beautiful’ (1998), ‘To Be a Queen’ (1994).

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Mo’adon beit ha’kvarot

2006, 90', color, video

Directed by:
Tali Shemesh

Screenplay by:
Tali Shemesh

Shark (Sharon) De Mayo

Edited by:
Aliza Esquira

Eldad Gwetta, Rona Kenan

Assaf Amir, Guy Lavie

Produced by:
Norma Productions LTD