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Sugartown: The Bridegrooms

Kimon Tsakiris

In the Greek village of Sugartown, the men have a serious problem. The areas young women have left in search of work or marriage in the big cities, leaving them behind. Their cunning mayor promises the men to find them wives in order to get himself re-elected. He contacts the mayor of the Russian town of Klin, and he gathers together young women looking for foreign husbands. The bridegrooms are many, but only a selected few will participate in this first mission. Nondas, Efthimis and Kostas are determined to follow the Mayor and return victorious. Against the odds, the men from Sugartown set out on a great journey in search of their future brides. To succeed, they will have to overcome unexpected obstacles...

Kimon Tsakiris

Kimon Tsakiris was born in Athens in 1974. godine. He studied sociology and film in the Netherlands, England, Italy and Spain. Since 2001, he's been working as an independent director and producer in Athens. He is the co-founder of Bi-optic, which specialises in computer and digital animation. Filmography: ‘Bachelors from Sugartown’ (2006), ‘The Stranger’ (Dream or Reality?, 2004), ‘86,400’ (The Day After?, 2003), ‘1st May’ (2002).

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Sugartown: The Bridegrooms

Greece, Germany
2006, 80', color, video

Directed by:
Kimon Tsakiris

Screenplay by:
Kimon Tsakiris

Argyris Tsepelikas

Edited by:
Tatiana Panigyri

Sergios Vourdis

Rea Apostolidou, Kimon Tsakiris

Produced by:
Bioptic, Anemone