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Half Past Three

Thomas Hodan

After several visits to the most eastbound district of interwar Czechoslovakia, one director and one photographer decided to return to the same places once more this time with a film camera to bring back a message about the calm but original daily life of the local people. With a slightly detached point of view they follow the uneasy life of several individuals who weren’t able to choose their destiny, but who refuse to grumble about it. Transcarpathia is a place where the flow of time has stopped, but it doesn’t really bother anyone. Dmitrij Vasiljevich Vorochta, Nikolaj Kapchuk, and old Buzachka ladies are the kind of people who know that life is a gift. It is something happy and blessed, no matter what it might be like. If you don’t have enough to buy milk you must find a cow. If your house burns down, you must build a new one. But if it’s a holiday, one must make vodka…

Thomas Hodan

Tomas Hodan was born in Prague in 1980. He studied journalism and theory and history of dramatic arts at the Palack University in Olomouc. He is the author of the films ‘U plotu’ (2004), ‘Zakarpatska oblast’ (2003), ‘Medicos’ (2002), ‘The Thief’ (2000).

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Half Past Three

Czech Republic, Russia
2006, 75', color, 16 mm

Directed by:
Thomas Hodan

Screenplay by:
Tomas Hodan, Stepan Hon

Filip Šturmunkin, Braňo Pažitka

Edited by:
Anna Ryndová

Ondrej Beranek

Produced by:
Punk Film