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A Shitft in Perception

Daniel Monceaux

Enter the worlds of three visually impaired South Australian women as they lead you through their daily lives, their dreams, love of music, and fear of fire and water. Shot on Super8 film in predominantly black-and-white, the director has employed a broad range of camera techniques (including stop-motion animation) to engage the imagination and playfully illustrate the three women’s unique perspectives. ‘A Shift in Perception’ is a documentary filled with visual poetry and an air of nostalgia.

Daniel Monceaux

Daniel Monceaux is young Aussie artist with many tools under his belt. Graduating in 2004 from the University of South Australia with Bachelor of Visual Communications (Illustration design) he has worked professionally as a musician, designer, photographer and commercial artist.

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A Shitft in Perception

2006, 16', color/bw, 16 mm

Directed by:
Daniel Monceaux

Screenplay by:
Dan Monceaux

Dan Monceaux, Emma Sterling

Edited by:
Emma Sterling

Alex Carpenter

Dan Monceaux

Produced by: