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Vukovar – Final Cut

Janko Baljak

The documentary was made by the teams of Croatian and Serbian journalists led by director Janko Baljak and Feral Tribune journalist Drago Hedl. The authors used hitherto unpublished footage of Zastava Film, Serbian Army Archives and TV Novi Sad, some HTV’s war footage never shown yet, as well as an amateur video footage of an anonymous Croatian veteran of the Battle of Vukovar. The author interviewed around eighty persons from Serbian and Croatian sides, soldiers, paramilitaries, civilians, and politicians. They all talk about the preparations for war in Vukovar, the fall of the city, the roles of individual generals, and the details of arms supply.


Janko Baljak

Janko Baljak is a Serbian film and television director. He graduated in Film and Television Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His first short feature film Due to Reasonable Doubt was shown in 1986 in the official selection of the Festival of Yugoslav Documentary and Short Feature Film. During the studies, he directed Perfect Pitch, a part of the feature omnibus film What Are You Doing Tonight. Perfect Pitch represented the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the World Festival of Film Schools in Munich in 1988 and in the selection for the 18th Oscars for the best student film of the non-English speaking world. His graduation work, TV drama The Long Life of the Kos Couple came across an excellent reception from audience and critics. Janko Baljak is the author of a dozen shows for the cultural and artistic program of TV Belgrade. He is one of the founders of the film and TV production department of the independent Belgrade radio station B92, for which he produced a series of documentary films that were successfully presented in Serbia and abroad and won multiple awards. He is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, teaching Documentary Film. From 2009 to 2014, he was artistic director of the Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short Film, one of the oldest film festivals in Europe.

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Vukovar, završni rez

Serbia, Montenegro
2006, 120', color, video

Directed by:
Janko Baljak

Screenplay by:
Drago Hedl, Janko Baljak

Jovan Milinov

Edited by:
Aleksandra Milovanović

Janja Laurenčić

Veran Matić

Produced by: