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Đinđić - a Life

Dušan Veličković, Kristof Zodeman

Veličković and Zodeman’s documentary gives us the details of Đinđić’s path from a dissident to Serbian Prime Minister. The interviews with his friends, aides and wife Ružica are used in the film, together with lots of archive material unknown to the public. ‘This blend of cold, plain facts and a creative documentary is a story of a romantic, young man who actually wanted to be a film director, but ended up living a much more exciting life of a politician who led Serbia to democracy’, says Veličković.

Dušan Veličković

Dušan Veličković, a writer, journalist and director, was born in Šabac in 1947. He took a degree in philosophy; from 1993-1997 he was editor-in-chief of NIN weekly. He also writes essays. His other films are: ‘Lenin on the Move’ (2003), ‘Mortal Men, Immortal Crimes’ (2004).

Kristof Zodeman

Kristof Zodeman is a director and a representative of the Association of German TV Companies in Serbia and Montenegro.

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Đinđić, jedan život

Germany, Serbia, Montenegro
2006, 30', color, HD

Directed by:
Dušan Veličković, Kristof Zodeman

Screenplay by:
Dušan Veličković i Kristof Zodeman

Andreja Leko

Edited by:
Aleksandar Jacić

Alexandra Anja Đorđević

Christoph Sodemann

Produced by: