Sport and Music

The Children From the Brass Band Village

Ljiljana Prvulović

A little Roma village in southern Serbia has 70 households, 6 well-known brass bands, 60 professional musicians, and around 100 instruments. While the men are away making their living, only women and children remain in the village. The children play with old, broken instruments. Ljiljana Prvulović’s documentary talks about these children and about the beginnings of their musical career in this ‘brass band village’. For some of them, this will become their lifetime profession.

Ljiljana Prvulović

Ljiljana Prvulović graduated at faculty of Law in Belgrade and got a M.S. in Cultural Sociology. She worked as a journalist and producer at TV Serbia, and is an author of many radio and TV documentaries. Filmography: ‘Intra muros’ (2006), ‘Deca iz limenog sela’ (2005), ‘Serbian Village’ (2003).

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Deca iz limenog sela

Serbia, Montenegro
2005, 14', color

Directed by:
Ljiljana Prvulović

Screenplay by:
Ljiljana Prvulović

Andreja Maričić, Ljiljana Prvulović

Edited by:
Andreja Maričić

Miroslav Bata Petrović

Produced by:
Fiks Fokus