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Mad Hot Ballroom

Marilyn Agrelo

In the film that opened Sundance 2005, the directors accompanied New York kids of various social backgrounds while attending merengue, rumba, tango, foxtrot and swing courses organized by ‘American Ballroom Theatre’s Dancing Classrooms’. It is a non-profit organization trying to remove kids from the streets by organizing dancing courses for them. The documentary shows the lives of three 11-year olds from three New York schools who, in the delicate age when one is about to build up his or her ‘cool’ identity, have to practice bows, posture, ‘ladies and gentlemen’ style... Naturally, the whole thing is of competitive nature and only the best win. The amount of passion that these ‘dancers’ have emitted on their way to triumph shows the audience what it means to be growing up in America

Marilyn Agrelo

Marilyn Agrelo has been a producer for fifteen years (the last film she has produced is ‘Smash the Kitty’, 2003). At the moment she lives in New York and is working on the documentary ‘Us and Them’, about her own dispersed family. ‘Mad Hot Ballroom’ is the first film she has directed.

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Mad Hot Ballroom

105', color

Directed by:
Marilyn Agrelo

Screenplay by:
Amy Sewell

Claudia Raschke

Edited by:
Sabine Krayenbühl

Joseph Baker, Steven Lutvak

Amy Sewell, Marilyn Agrelo

Produced by:
Just One Productions