Sport and Music

Hell on Wheels

Pepe Danquart

Tour de France, the world’s hardest bicycle race, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2003. Besides incredible spectacle and picturesque landscapes, German Oscar-winner Danquart records the unspeakable ordeal the racers experience on their way to the finish-line. ‘Hell on Wheels’ focuses on cyclist Erik Zabel and T-Mobile team. The film also provides an insight into the organization of the Tour, its history and the numerous crowds watching it.

Pepe Danquart

Pepe Danquart (1955) has been a film director since 1970. While ‘Schwarzfahrer’ (1993) won him an Oscar, he was proclaimed the best German director for his ‘Heimspiel’ (2000). His films include: ‘C(r)ook’ (2004), ‘Semana Santa’ (2002), ‘Mörderinnen’ (2001), ‘Playboys’ (1998), ‘Nach Saison’ (1997), ‘Dädalus’ (1991).

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2004, 123', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Pepe Danquart

Screenplay by:
Pepe Danquart

Filip Zumbrunn, Michael Hammon, Wolfgang Thaler

Edited by:
Mona Braeuer

Till Brönner, Robert Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach

Mirjam Quinte

Produced by:
NFP Neue Filmproduktion