Regional Competition

Grown up to the Street

Burbuqe Berisha

A realistic history of the children growing up on the streets of Kosovo and doing hard work in orden to earn.The story revers the likes of Besarta, Drenusha, Kosovare and Fitim, who, having no choice, work under dangerous circumstances until the late hours.

Burbuqe Berisha

Burbuqe Berisha is a theater and film director. She was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1970. She made her degree in film and TV directing at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo. Her filmography: long feature film ‘Kukumi’ (2004); short films ‘Kosova 9/11’ (2003), ‘Nanë’ (2001), ‘Dimni i shpirtit’ (2001), ‘Bunari’ (2000), ‘Viti’ (2000); documentary films: ‘Growing up in Streets’ (2005), ‘Projeksioni i lumtunisë’ (2002), ‘Kinematë’ (2003).

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Odrasli na ulici

2005, 13', video

Directed by:
Burbuqe Berisha

Screenplay by:
Burbuqe Berisha

Bujar Berishare

Edited by:
Agron Vula

Alban Nimani

Vlora Merovci

Produced by: