Regional Competition


Mladen Burić

‘Disappearing’ is a short documentary that uses a poetical approach in trying to bring to our attention the ageing people around us who are slowly moving away to the edge of our perception, just one step from disappearing. By witnessing a detail in life of an elderly woman, we witness the disappearing of an entire life.

Mladen Burić

Mladen Burić was born in Varaždin in 1970. He has been preoccupied with film and video since 2001, when he joined Zagreb Cinema Club. His works were shown at a number of revues and festivals, including the 12th days of Croatian Film, the side program of Pula Film Festival 2003 and Motovun Film Festival 2003. He is a student of the Zagreb Academy for Drama Arts.

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2005, 4', color, video

Directed by:
Mladen Burić

Screenplay by:
Mladen Burić

Mladen Burić, Siniša Burić

Edited by:
Mislav Muretić

Tom Waits

Vedran Šamanović

Produced by:
Kino Klub Zagreb