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Chicken Elections

Goran Radovanović

Question: What do a priest, a cop, chickens and the author’s aunt have in common? Answer: They have not voed at the presidential elections... ‘Chicken Elections’ deals with the modern life of the rural Balkans. An elderly Serb peasant woman is trying to learn how to use u cell phone – a gift from her grandson, who is a traffic policeman. However, just about when she learns the basic, she dies. This story is a metaphor of the dying provincial life and the absurdity of progress in so-called transition countries. A beautiful, funny, sad and ironic story about loneliness and death before death.

Goran Radovanović

Goran Radovanović was born in Belgrade in 1957. He obtained his grade in art history at the Faculty of Arts and Letters. He started his fil m career as a fil m critic. Since 1984 he has been directing and writing screenplays. His fil ms include: ‘Columba urbica’, ‘Moja domovina - za unutrašnju upotrebu’, ‘Maketa’, ‘Casting’. He has his own production house Namafilma and is a member of the European Film Academy. He lives in Belgrade.

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Chicken elections

Serbia, Montenegro
2005, 48', color/bw, video

Directed by:
Goran Radovanović

Screenplay by:
Goran Radovanović

Radoslav Vladić

Edited by:
Stevan Marić

Nemanja Mosurović

Goran Radovanović