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Being Slaven

Denis Hladiš

Instead of solitude, they chose challenge, turning a handicap into a strong motive. How to face life with one’s eyes wide open; how to break down prejudices and change the world around one by changing oneself? Slaven Hudina and his family will answer this question in a film about infinite persistence which helped the main character make it from high immobility to the Paralympics and law school.

Denis Hladiš

Denis Hladiš was born in Bjelovar, Croatia in 1972. He obtained a degree in journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Working as a TV and radio journalist, he directed a few TV documentaries, including ‘Vugljenari’, ‘Rudarski samar’ (both in 2003).

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Biti Slaven

2005, 26', color, video

Directed by:
Denis Hladiš

Screenplay by:
Denis Hladiš, Tibor Javurek, Miroslav Ružić

Miroslav Ružić

Edited by:
Tibor Javurek

Hrvoje Habeković

Produced by:
HRT u suradnji sa Hrvatskim športskim savezom invalida