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Unknown White Male

Rupert Murray

On July 2, 2003, Doug Bruce left his New York apartment. Nobody knew where he had gone. Eleven hours later, he turned up in the subway, without having a clue where he was going to. Subsequently, he ended up in a psychiatry ward, with the sign ‘unknown white male’ attached to his arm. A sudden amnesia erased all traces of his identity – 37 years of his life, his family memories, friendships... Rupert Murray’s camera recorded the turbulent days that followed after the loss of memory, when Bruce had to put together from the beginning the puzzles of his erased life.

Rupert Murray

Rupert Murray is 36 years old and comes from London. He graduated from the Chelsea School of Art and currently he is running his own company. He is happy he has not made ‘Lost in Translation’ and he loves ‘Das Boot’. His filmography: ‘The Outsiders’ (2004), ‘This Was My War’ (also 2004), ‘Seconds to Impact’ (2001) and ‘Playing for England’ (2000).

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Unknown White Male

Great Britain
2005, 88', color

Directed by:
Rupert Murray

Screenplay by:
Rupert Murray

Orlando Stuart

Edited by:
Rupert Murray

Steve Cook, Kath Pollard, Jonathan Rush, Mukul

Beadie Finzi, Jess Search

Produced by:
Spectre Broadcast