International Competition

The Bewitchers

Priit Valkna

The short documentary ‘Kaetajad’ is a part of the Estonian TV slot called ‘Estonian Stories 2004’. It is a story about traditional South-Estonian witchcraft, such as casting spells on animals, and sometimes on children and other people, too. The main reason for doing this is good old human malice. The film crew decided to get some real answers. But, prior to dealing with any ‘black magic’, they went to see an exorcist, who warded off any future spells from them. We can disclose to you that their search, accompanied by funny and mysterious stories, will be fruitful after all.

Priit Valkna

Priit Valkna is an Estonian director and screenwriter. He often works for the ALLFILM production house. Besides ‘Kaetajad’, he directed another short documentary ‘The Wolf – 2003’, also a part of the ‘Estonian Stories 2004’ slot.

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2004, 27', color, video

Directed by:
Priit Valkna

Screenplay by:
Priit Valkna

Artur Talvik, Priit Valkna, Tauno Sirel

Edited by:
Tambet Tasuja

Artur Talvik

Produced by: