International Competition

The Angelmakers

Astrid Bussink

This black-humor film of young director Astrid Bussink remembers the fifty-one arsenic-poisoning murders committed way back in 1929 in Nagyrev, a small Hungarian village. Fifty-one women were detained as suspects for the murdering of their lazy and violent husbands! Accompanied by a local film crew, the author spoke to the surviving inhabitants of this sleepy village who still remember the mysterious murders. The film does firmly not stick to the facts. By getting to know the villagers, like 94-years-old Rozika, we become familiar with their simple life and the boredom of isolation. We can also hear interesting stories about eternal topics like life and death, as well as the fight for women’s rights, which is still being fought today, at the beginning of the 21st century.

Astrid Bussink

Astrid Bussink, born Eibergen, 1975, studied several disciplines at the Academy of fine Arts, AKI in Enschede. She graduated with a project consisting of an art magazine and organisation ‘Het Ei’. She studied the technical aspects of filmmaking at Open Studio in Amsterdam. To deepen her knowledge and ideas she consequently did a Masters in Film at the ECA. During this master she stayed in Budapest to shoot her first documentary ‘The Angelmakers’. Since then she filmed ‘Rückenlage/Upside Down’ (2006), ‘The 9 Lifes of My Car’ (2006), ‘The Lost Colony’ (2007).

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The Angelmakers

Great Britain, Netherlands, Hungary
2005, 33', color, video

Directed by:
Astrid Bussink

Screenplay by:
Astrid Bussink

Klára Trenscényi

Edited by:
Astrid Bussink, Brigita Peszler

Puszi Nyuszi, László Dés, Péter Geszti

Astrid Bussink, Katalin Naszódi

Produced by:
ECA Edinburgh, SZFE Budapest