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Summer With the Johnsons

Finn McGough

The film portraits the Johnsons, an oddball Roma family, in their attempts to avoid arrest as a result of the accusations that they have stolen a £ 1 million worth antique belonging to Lord Rotschild. In the meantime, we discover incredible relations among the family members and their incredible experience: father Chad gets mad when he finds out that his sevenyears old son has been chased by the police; Jimmy suspects that Ricky knows something about the Rotschild case; Martin wrecks the van he has borrowed from the Johnsons; Ricky goes crazy when he finds out that his son-in-law Steve is beating his pregnant daughter. The documentary reveals the charming side of these complicated relations, but it does not run away from the darker side either, particularly when Chad organizes a fight between his sons (who are 5 and 7), arguing that “It is good for the kids to learn how to fight. The only calm Johnson is a dead Johnson!’

Finn McGough

Director Finn McGough has a special interest for Roma people, which is evident from his filmography: ‘Gypsies Gavvas & Jesus’, ‘Kilroy’s Week with the Gypsies’ and ‘Country Strife’ – the winner of Prix Europa for the best non-fiction film.

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Summer With the Johnsons

Great Britain
2005, 60', color

Directed by:
Finn McGough

Finn McGough

Edited by:
Paul Carlin

Alan Hill, Cliff Jones

Finn McGough, Dimitri Doganis, Sam Collyns

Produced by:
Mentorn, Raw TV