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Raw Youth

Margareth Olin

The years of adolescence are the most turbulent and most brutal period of one’s life. Abiding by the rules of Von Trier’s ‘dogumentarism’, the director has made an unbiased insight into the lives of high-school kids from the small Norwegian town of Hauketo; she has caught them in the moment of forming their racial, cultural, religious and political attitudes and prejudices. She shows how delicate and emotional the problem of identity is and how the existing educational system is often not capable of dealing with it.


Margareth Olin

Margreth Olin was born in Stranda, Norway, in 1970. Studied journalism and documentary filmmaking in Bergen and Oslo. She directs and produces documentaries and feature films and stages theatre plays. Her work focuses on social and political issues. Her first feature The Angel was the Norwegian Oscar entry in 2010. Her most recent documentary Nowhere Home received the Norwegian Film Award 2013.

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Ungdommens råskap

Denmark, Norway
2004, 80' 2004'', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Margareth Olin

Screenplay by:
Margareth Olin

Kim Hiorthoy

Edited by:
Helge Billing

Ragnar Samuelsson

Carsten Holst, Karoline Leth

Produced by:
Speranza Film AS, Zentropa Real ApS