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Odessa... Odessa!

Michale Boganim

This melancholic story in three acts, told in Yiddish, takes us to two different Odessas – the one on the Black Sea and Little Odessa in New York, as well as to the small town Ashod in Israel. Each part of this trilogy asks the same eternal questions of the Jewish people: Where can an individual feel like at home? Where is the Promised Land? The main protagonists are elderly people, members of the Diaspora from Odessa. They are trying to find answers to these questions by remembering the events long-past. These are the memories of a place that has the meaning of complete happiness for them. However, in the end of the day, it is clear that absolute freedom is almost like a dream or illusion to them. This dreamlike trip, particularly impressive in the parts filmed in Odessa on Black Sea, is accompanied by nostalgic songs performed by elderly Jewish ladies.

Michale Boganim

Michale Boganim was born in Israel, but grew up in Paris, France. He studied political science at the Sorbonne, as well as sociology, history and philosophy in Israel. Besides Odessa... Odessa!, his filmography includes a few awarded works: Mémoires incertaines (2002), Dust (2001), C’est pour bientô (2000).

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Odessa... Odessa!

France, Israel
2005, 102', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Michale Boganim

Screenplay by:
Michale Boganim

Jakob Ihre

Edited by:
Valerio Bonelli, Koby Nathanal

Frédéric Niedermayer

Produced by:
Moby Dick Films