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My Grandmother's House

Adan Aliaga

A conservative 75-years-old granny Marita, who disapproves of fun, educates her jovial 6-years-old granddaughter Marina in Alicante, a dull industrial province in Spain. Can you feel the weight? An old granny! Life in the backwoods! Youth! While the girl organizes her own private rebellion, Aliaga follows their relationship and focuses on the point of contact of unrelenting differences between these two antagonistic worlds. He looks into Marina’s view of things, still innocent and free from frustration, as well as the granny’s hidden suffering and despair. They are both facing a major twist in their lives, now that the granny is forced to leave the house she has been living in for over half a century because a new block of apartment buildings is to be built there.

Adan Aliaga

Spanish director Adán Aliaga has made short films No me jodas que tú no lo haces (1995), Diana (1998), Jaibo (2000), the documentary Karlitos (2000), and the award-winning La Casa Di Mia Abuela, which is his first feature-length film.

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La Casa Di Mia Abuela

2005, 80', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Adan Aliaga

Adán Aliaga

Edited by:
Adán Aliaga, Nacho Ruiz Capillas

Vinçent Barrière

Ignacio Benedeti, Elena Vallejo

Produced by:
Ignacio Benedeti Cinema S.L., VideoGenic, S.L.