International Competition

Black Gold Under Notecka Forest

Ineke Smits

Miedzychod is a part of Poland, close to German border. It is known by beautiful, preserved nature, with dense forests swarming with rare birds, mushrooms and other plants, as well as 52 lakes rich with fish. Although one would expect that the locals should are not starving, they are actually poor. It has been like that since the World War II. Two years ago, the largest oil field in Poland was found under a local forest. Still, the local people do not care and simply ignore the fact that ‘black gold’ could make them very rich. Searching for an explanation of this apathy, a small film crew, made up of locals, enters Anrej’s bar, enabling us to meet him, his guests, and other dwellers of Notecka Forest.

Ineke Smits

Ineke Smits studied at the Rotterdam Art Academy. She specialized in screenwriting and directing at the NFTS in the UK. She started making short films in 1994. In 2001, her first feature-length film, Magonia, became a festival hit. Outstanding among her other works is Putin’s Mama (2002 - the winner of the Zagreb Film Festival). She will start making The Aviatrix of Kazbek in 2006 and says she has made a draft for another one, The House of My Fathers’.

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Zwart goud onder het Notecka Woud

2005, 58', color, video

Directed by:
Ineke Smits

Screenplay by:
Ineke Smits

Andrejz Adamczak

Edited by:
Menno Boerema

Gio Tsintsadze

Denis Vaslin

Produced by:
Volya Films