International Competition

A Bridge over Drina

Xavier Lukomski

Yugoslav Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić’s novel ‘A Bridge over the Drina’ describes a yearslong conflict of the local people of the Bosnian region around the town of Višegrad. This short documentary rightly evokes associations with the novel. As a kind of annex to the novel, the film combines the scenes of the bridge with the testimony of Mevsud Poljo from the nearby village of Vlahovići, who was pulling dead bodies out of the Drina in order to identify them. Although we do not see Mevsud, we get to know how many men and how many women were among the dead, whether there were traces of violence or rape on them... And the Drina keeps fl owing under the bridge...

Xavier Lukomski

Xavier Lukomski comes from Belgium. He is primarily a theater director, but he is no stranger to film, too: ‘Le petit bout du monde’ (1998), ‘Ca va ? va...’ (1995).

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Un pont sur la Drina

2005, 18', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Xavier Lukomski

Screenplay by:
Xavier Lukomski

Jorge Leon

Edited by:
Michèle Hubinon

Daniel Valck

Produced by:
Cobra Films