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Jelena Jovčić

No psychological or sociological study has yet analyzed extended youth as a syndrome, although it is a dominant feature in the life of the young people in Serbia. Living with parents in one’s late twenties or in thirties is a normal thing there. The question is – is Serbia an infantile nation or is it a poor economic an social climate that stimulates this trend? “How to get your own apartment when you are twenty-seven?” wonders the young girl whose home-made theater we are watching here.

Jelena Jovčić

Jelena Jovčić graduated ethnology and anthropology from Belgrade University, where she currently attends postgraduate studies. While studying she worked as a journalist at Studio B TV, in fashion magazine Elle and as a copywriter at BBDO Advertising Agency. ‘Igra’ is her graduate film from Ateliers Varan School of Documentary Film. ‘Day of Youth’ was made in the same school.

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2004, 22', video

Directed by:
Jelena Jovčić

Screenplay by:
Jelena Jovčić

Jelena Jovčić

Edited by:
Aleksandar Stojanov

Jelena Jovčić