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Children Of The Decree

Florin Iepan

Romania. With the Decree 770, the almighty Ceaucescu made abortion illegal, with only a few exceptions (for women over forty and for those with four children or more). All forms of contraception were also forbidden. When the number of young Romanians started rising sky-high, in 1969, there were one million more of them then the earlier average! An entire army, just what Ceaucesku wanted. Except that he failed to anticipate one little thing: when they grew up, ‘his’ children dethroned him. The films shows all the ugly situations provoked by this crazy decree: illegal abortions, those performed in private houses with lemon acid, female prisoners who dared rise against the decree, and sexual life that was everything but fun.

Florin Iepan

Florin Iepan was born in Temesoara, Romania. In early nineties (1990-1995) he studied directing at the Film and Theater Academy. The film he is presenting at ZagrebDox was completed at the renowned Discovery Campus. Another well-known documentary of his is The One, The Only, The Real Tarzan, shot to mark the 100th anniversary of Johnny Weissmuller.

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Nascuti la comanda - Decreteii

2004, 52', video

Directed by:
Florin Iepan

Screenplay by:
Razvan Georgescu, Florin Iepan

Carlos Fuchs, Peter Reuther, Wolf Truchsess von Wetzhausen

Edited by:
Wolfgang Lehmann

Razvan Georgescu

Produced by:
Westend Film & TV