International Competition

Sentenced to Marriage

Anat Zuria

Although Israel presents itself as a modern democracy, this documentary will convince you otherwise. Divorce is legally possible only in case of religious marriages, which are the only ones; civil marriages are – non-existent. All the divorces take place in Jewish court, by a law which does not allow divorce until husband permits it. Until such time, woman is forbidden to look at any other man or go on with her life. In Israel and worldwide, thousands of educated and emancipated women sometimes live in such a deadlock for years. The film focuses on two of these film, thus individualizing the whole issue; it contains rare footage from a courtroom, where two women fight for their freedom. The author won the best documentary film award at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2004.

Anat Zuria

Anat Zuria (born 1961) is an Israeli independent film director, creator of the films 'Purity', 'Sentenced to Marriage', 'Black Bus' and 'The Lesson'.

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2004, 65', color, video

Directed by:
Anat Zuria

Ron Katzenelson

Edited by:
Era Lapid

Jonathan Bar Giora

Amit Breuer