International Competition

Mana – Beyond Belief

Peter Friedman, Roger Manley

From Navajo Hogan in Arizona to a time machine in Wisconsin, from an old pagoda in Burma to Elvis’s Graceland and Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, in an interesting and unconventional way, the two authors talk about religion and the objects that have a special meaning for the people. ‘Mana’ is a Polynesian word for the strength that can be found in certain objects. The film tells about the way how people from various parts of the world relate to these objects; it explains these objects and the rituals and commitments involved. Above all, it tries to find a way to document the universal process in human brain that actually leads to religion.

Peter Friedman

Peter Freedman often wins main awards for his documentaries in Europe and America, even an Oscar nomination (Wizard Of The Strings). Silverlake Life won the jury’s award at Sundance Festival in 1993 and many others.

Roger Manley

Roger Manley is more oriented toward books and exhibitions that won him various awards in anthropology and photography. He is well known for his work with naive artists and for documenting rural life. He often writes scripts for serials popular in America (unknown to us Croats, though).

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Mana le pouvoir des choses

2004, 92', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Peter Friedman, Roger Manley

Screenplay by:
Peter Friedman, Roger Manley

Jacques Besse, Van Theodore Carlson, Eric Guichard, David Leitner, Marcus Winterbauer

Edited by:
Laurent Pineau

Jeff Hallam, Chris Hudson

Jacques Debs, Delphine Morel